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We have a new Education Outside Blog. If you’d like to continuing following what your child is learning learning Education Outside Garden Class please follow the link below. 

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If you’d like to follow what other Education Outside Elementary Schools in San Francisco are learning, follow this link below:


Darya Soofi

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*~End of the year Garden Celebrations~*

Last week was the last week of Education Outside classes out in the garden. We had a celebration in every class by making Bike Blender smoothies, garden bracelets and tree cookie necklaces! HUGE shout out to all of the parents who helped out in one or more of the classes, we couldn’t have made it happen without you! Students wandered from station to station making their garden goodies and enjoying their last day amongst the plants and snails for the year. For the parents who weren’t able to make it, we welcome you back at the start of next year! Until then, enjoy the pictures below from last week.

WP_20150511_007  WP_20150511_009 WP_20150511_010 WP_20150511_011  WP_20150513_001WP_20150513_004WP_20150511_008WP_20150511_013

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Bike and Roll to School Day 2015

What a HUGE success! For this year’s Bike and Roll to School Day we had half of the school participate in our tally and found some interesting statistics about how our students arrived at school that day. Students who rolled on their own wheels (skateboard, scooter or bike) received a Bike Bag as well as a tattoo and key chain. For those who weren’t able to roll we still had prizes to give them along with some granola bar snacks. Shout out to all of the parents who helped bring this event together!

To see more (and better quality) photos, follow this link It contains photos taken by one of Marshall’s bicycle enthusiasts Ely Rodriguez (Finley in 3rd grade’s father).

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Temperature challenge

First graders last week were experimenting with temperature and observing whether or not we could change the temperature in the garden. We understood that the shady spots in the garden were the coolest and the sunniest spots were the hottest. I gave each group of students a small animal that needed shelter for this hot sunny day. Working together, each groups built a structure to shade their animal. We took the temperature of their building location before and then afterward (inside their shelter) and compared them to see if they were actually able to cool their animal down. All the groups accomplished their task and saved their animals from the scalding heat of the sun!

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What’s on the menu today? SOIL!

2nd graders this week dug deeper into soil and what ingredients go into creating soil. We looked at our pie chart of and observed that there are 4 main components to soil and took turns guessing what they were. We had a lot of interesting ideas (i.e. hair, poop, dirt, worms, compost, rocks etc.) but it came down to Water, Air, Organic Matter and Rocks/Minerals! Since we knew the ingredients to spoil I challenged the students to see if they could make soil in groups! They gathered the materials in the garden and went to work grinding, pounding, and watering to see if they could create soil and we learned at the end that is it a much more complicated process; however we still have fun!

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Pokemon! Gotta catch’em all!

Last week 5th graders took their knowledge of photosynthesis and applied it to plant adaptations. All plants take the energy from the sun, CO2 from the air and water to create food for themselves, but they don’t all do it in the same way. Plants have different adaptations that allow them to obtain the things they need to survive in different environments. I turned half the class into a succulent plant and half the class into a baby evergreen tree and they photosynthesized in the garden gathering “co2, water, sunlight” and added them up to see how much sugar they made. At the end we decided to change the environment we live in to the desert where it’s deathly dry during the day and freezing cold at night, water is scarce and wind is prevalent. Students were in charge of creating their own pokemon plant that has special “powers” (aka adaptations) that allow it to survive in this treacherous environment.

WP_20150416_014 WP_20150416_013 WP_20150416_012 WP_20150416_011 WP_20150416_010 WP_20150416_009 WP_20150416_008 WP_20150416_007 WP_20150416_004 WP_20150416_002

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“Rock the Block” rocked our block!

In preparation for Bike and Roll to School Week (April 20th-24th) Marshall invited the musical and theater program Rock the Block to perform a Biking and Pedestrian Safety performance full of music, dancing and comedy.

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